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Clive's Organic Gluten Free Aloo Gobi Pie Review

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Getting bored of the usual meals we've been eating, we decided to have a good look through the Ocado website for new and interesting products. This is when the Clive's Organic Gluten Free Aloo Gobi Pie popped up! I was not too sure what to eat this with or when we would eat it, but as it was suitable for freezing I gave it a shot.

This pie retails at £2.99 and we divided it between the two of us. I think it is supposed to be a single portion but with sides it will easily do two people just fine. Like I said, I wasn't too sure on how to serve it so I decide to put it with kale and mash as I felt that this could be best suited. 

Cooked at 180 for 25 minutes, this easy dinner is done! The pie comes out the oven evenly cooked and smelling absolutely delicious! When I cut this pie in half it didn't crumble in any way, it really held up which is good to see in a gluten free pie as I have had some pastries that are unbelievably crumbly when trying to cut and serve.

Flavour wise, this pie is phenomenal! The spices bounce around the pastry and explode in your mouth. This pie isn't in any way 'spicy' in heat but has such a complex flavour palette it is really quite something else, something I have never tasted in a pie before, let alone a gluten free one! There is also so much filling in this pie it almost overflows as you cut it open. I was a little apprehensive about ordering a pie which seemed to be on the higher price range for a free from pie, but I was not disappointed, if anything I think the value for money is quite remarkable!

I found that the pastry was good and crisp all over, no soggy bottoms here! It tasted as much as a mainstream pie as I remember and James said it was a good pastry too and enjoyed it as a whole. I also found that as it is packed with great veggies this pie is only 243 calories for half, which if you are a calorie counter is great! Obviously as this is pastry there is quite a lot of carbs. 

If you are ever in any doubt to try these pies, I would completely recommend you give them a go! You certainly won't be disappointed!

Hannah x 

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