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My Favourites: Lancome Edition

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Hi Guys, I have recently been sorting through all my products over the last month to plan on which bits I intend to use up and thought that it may be worthwhile to show my favourites of each brand. I am starting with Lancome because I am Slightly Obsessed!

So here are my Lancome Must haves!

At Number one is the Hyrda Zen day moisturiser:

This moisturiser is perfect for my skin, my skin is very dry but oily consistency products break me out, this moisturiser is a thin consistency but really locks moisture into the skin and makeup can be applied straight after using it! - RRP £39

At Number two is the Teint Miracle foundation: 
I enjoy this foundation because you can build it from light to high coverage and it still looks natural, I wear shade 2 which matches me perfectly, I personally love to apply this with my MAC 187 brush and stipple it on. I typically never repurchase the same foundation but this is my second bottle and I will certainly be buying another after this one is used. 

 And at number three is their mascara's
I have not found a Lancome mascara that I don't like! All of them have applied evenly and coated all my lashes perfectly, I do not like clumped lashes whatsoever and since finding these lovelies, that has been a thing of the past! RRP £21

Oh and did I mention my last Favourite thing about Lancome? They give you a million samples with each order! I know, I know, this more than likely means we pay too much for the products, but who can't say no to some freebies? 

This is a SMALL selection of what I have received with orders (I also got a few very nice wash and makeup bags!)

Hannah x

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